Keep growing through a small solid team with BIG IDEAS.

Marketing by inspiration is essential in delivering what you desire about your product and services to the people who really matter. We can be part of the inspiration to your key management team.

Our managing partners is comprised of individuals from variety backgrounds who are keen to endorse the client expectation & ensure receive maximum exposure.

KAHA EVENT MANAGEMENT can manage a whole range of marketing events from groundbreaking ceremonies to intricately planned and presented launches, from talk show, gala dinners and stage shows to spectacular large screen presentations, and product exhibitions.

An accurate understanding of the client’s needs and offering creative and workable solutions is the basis of our services.

Our services include :
1. Customer Relationship Management includes loyalty program.
2. Agents & customer gathering
3. Product launching
4. Product branding & positioning
5. Marketing communication strategy and program design (such as charity, CSR etc).
6. Product Research & Development
7. Design, produce, and place promotion tools in collateral including merchandise.