HR & Training Support

A non-stop challenging ‘ed-venture’ program

With mother-nature stimulating our self-awareness to take the risk and the interaction between humans and the natural environment itself has inspires us to develop an educational-adventure based on competency. The objective are to develop personality & human character, potentiality & competency in many area such leadership, team work, achievement & quality orientation, service excellent, problem solving, institutional pride, self-development and organizational skills.

The learning process uses both indoor, which will stimulate sense of focus and explore outdoor that will appreciate the nature. All will give insight to create a positive mental attitude.

From edu-tainment concept to Corporate Outbound Training Program, from fun to appraised program, KAHA EVENT MANAGEMENT will lead, design stimulating program and directly coach to achieve the thirst of personal development. We can also draw on our resources in providing experienced trainers.

The training program we conduct are supported by our own in-house training module & syllabus, audio-video equipment, games tools & utensil, including editing room facilities using the latest in digital editing software.

Our dedicated team has discover a new formula namely EGO-VALUATION training method, a breakthrough in personal development technique that will boost the result more effective and give more influence.

We have soft skilled-training modules for Officer Development Program, Middle Management Development Program, and Leadership Program for Executive. In addition we also can provide Pre-retirement Achievement & Motivational Program.